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PPG Premix : Hydro Foam

Premix System for Spray
Products TypeFree Rise DensityGrade
Hydro Foam S0808100% Flexible
Hydro Foam S2020Semi Rigid
Hydro Foam S2424Rigid
Hydro Foam S3030Rigid
Premix system for Mold
Product TypeApplicationsDenstisyK Factor (W/m.k)
Hydro Foam MPUR Foam Board·Panel under Discontinuous LineOptional≤0.024
Hydro Foam CPIR Foam Incombustible Board ·Panel under Continuous LineOptional≤0.024


Eco-friendly Product

Our water-blown PPG Premix, Hydro Foam, is free from Freon Gas which causes global warming and ozone depletion, thus can produce eco-friendly polyurethane materials.

High Quality PU

Hydro foam has properties of a little bit worse in Thermal conductivity but at least equal density and strength but 100% safe in TVOC and Formaldehyde.

Tailor-made Customization

We provide a tailor made customization of PPG premix solutions according to the customer’s usage and properties required.

No need extra investment for production facilities

Hydro foam can be used in production lines such as a continuous line or a discontinuous line, without additional facilities. With Hydro foam you can make products without any extra investment in production facilities.

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