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Eco-friendly Water-blown Polyurethane System House

Leadpower is the system house specialized in Water Blown Polyurethane Rigid Foams. We have been developing quite long time and completing variable solutions by commercializing at actual job sites. We are selling PUR/PIR premix systems, Hydro Foam, which does not absolutely contain any physical blowing gas.

Water-blown Polyurethane as Alternative to the Urethane Industry

The current blowing agents such as HCFC141b, HFC245fa, 365mfc for polyurethane foams have very seriously critical weak point in Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP). From Montreal Protocol in 1987 to Paris Agreement ( COP21) in 2015, the regulation against ODP and GWP has become more and more strict. As per this acute trend, the amount of usage of conventional blowing gases has to be reduced so in consequence, the polyurethane insulation industry is at the turning point. The virgin 141b gas is possibly to be out of market as of 2020 and HFC is also expected to be followed soon or later. In this respect, Cyclopentane is becoming a new alternative but it has a dangerous point of explosiveness so there should be a lot of investment to prevent explosiveness. Moreover, HFO is not a good substitute due to it’s high price structure. Therefore, the ultimate solution of blowing technology is Water blown.

Ozone Depletion Potential
Global Warming Potential

*CO2 is about to 1 GWP value.

The Korean Ministry of Environment has recognized Leadpower as the best eco-friendly company in Polyurethane industry and certified Green technology. Our Hydro foam can produce various construction insulation materials such as Spray, Board, Panel which are depended on Density, Strength, and or other properties. Also, its insulation performance is almost equal those of conventional gas blown polyurethane foam.

Indeed, we can be sure that we can provide technical supports to make the best quality and eco- friendly polyurethane premix system with Hydro foam.   

Leadpower is also the manufacturer of construction insulation materials such as incombustible boards with surface material of aluminum foil and glass fiber,  High density Mold for LNG Pipe line construction material and High Density incombustible boards without surface materials as well which are specifically utilized in the particular construction fields.