LP Spray Machine (LPSM)

LP Spray Machine (LPSM) is a portable, small spray machine that facilitates construction of difficult-to-work sites. Compact size makes it easy to move around, so you can work in difficult construction sites such as interior walls, wall gaps, and high-rise sites.


LP Spray MachineOther MachineLPSM Benefits
Spray MethodLow Pressure High PressureReduce Repair Factor
Max Spray Pressure18bar (260psi)172bar (2500psi)Leak Condition Relaxation
Max Flow Rate1.8Litter3.8LitterLow Power Consumption
Max Fluid Temperature80℃77℃Same
Primary Heater1000 watts x two block2000 watts x one block Fluid Flow Control
Pump Motor1000 watts1200 wattsLow Power Consumption
Hopper Capacity20 Litter can option23Litter X 2Option
Max Hose Length12 m32 mIdeal for Small Workspace
Hose Length, Heat WireWithin a packageOptionRespond to Low-cost Needs
Spray GunDisposal gun within a packageFusion gun optionRespond to Low-cost Needs
Air SupplyGun tip fuzzy Gun fuzzy same
Size57×51×83 ㎝72×90×120 ㎝Ideal for Small Workspace
Weight72 ㎏ 110 ㎏Small and Light Volume
Power RequirementAC 220V (15A) AC 220V (more than 25A)Low Power Supply situation


Small, Compact Size & Low Pressure

The LPSM is compact in size, making it easy to move around the construction sites. It is easy and convenient to work on difficult gaps or high-rise sites.

Low electric power consumption

LPSM is an energy saving machine. Unlike existing large spray machine, LPSM can be used with home electricity. LPSM has 2 types according to the voltage used, LPSM-10 for 110V and LPSM-20 for 220V


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