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“High efficient/ High Power Electronic Refrigerating system”

ECCS : Electronic Cold Chain System

A Compressor at engine cabin is coming to at a Condenser Small/ High efficient Generator in belted with a Engine BLDC Scroll compressor “ Electronic Hybrid Refrigerating vehicle ”

Leadpower Cold Chain System

Leadpower System vs Existing System

Class Leadpower system Existing system
Power supply Triple power supply
(Generator, Battery, Commercial power)
Engine power-> Compressor
Compressor BLDC  Scroll  Compressor Back and Forward piston type
Thermo Control Method Accurate Thermo control by PID Control Deviation of Thermo by ON/OFF Control
Engine Stop/ Idle time Battery under ECCS , Commercial power Compressor Stop
Noise of Compressor Far less by BLDC Scroll Compressor PID Control Heavy Noise by Mechanical Compressor
Durability of Vehicle Long by less loading of Engine Short by heavy Loading of Engine
Length of Piping  Short ( high freezing efficiency) Long ( Low Freezing efficiency)
Environment pollution 30% less than existing system Excessive Co2
Mileage 30% less than exiting system High mileage

Leadpower Refrigeration TOP vs Existing Refrigeration TOP

Class Leadpower TOP Existing TOP
사용 판넬 공법 일체형 통판, 수발포 Polyurethane Foam 성형 공법 EPS Foam Sandwich 접착 공법
열전도율 0.021W/m.K 0.027~0.031W/m.K
판넬 보냉성 Sandwich 판넬 대비 30% 향상 사용시간 경과에 따른 성능저하 발생
난연성 HF-1(V-0) 없음
압축강도 15~25(Ncm2) 10~25(Ncm2)
컨테이너 크기/중량 두께대비 보냉성 우수로 슬림/경량화 가능 0
판넬생산 공해 발생 없음 Sandwich 접합 공법에 의한 유해 유기화합물 발생
판넬 내구성 Sandwich 판넬 비교 3배 수명 2~3년 후 판넬 박리, 수분 함유로 내구성 저하

Advantage of Leadpower Cold Chain System